Should You Buy a Multi-Unit Franchise?

franchise nowFranchise owners get the benefit of training and a system that has already been proven successful. Multi-unit franchise owners reap additional benefits that are simply not possible if they only own one location. This is particularly true for multi-unit franchise restaurant owners.

Marketing Savings

When you own multiple locations in one area, you can pay for marketing or advertising once, and it can cover all of your local stores. Running an ad in the local newspaper or coupon clipper magazine? Just be sure to add the addresses for each of your locations to lower advertising costs. You can also do the same thing with mailing pieces or newspaper inserts, as well as online marketing. For instance, if you have four restaurants in town, you will not need four sets of websites and social media accounts. You can make blanket accounts that cover all of them with one name, and simply add all of the locations.

Employee Resources

Having more than one location helps you with staffing as well. With multiple locations, you have a number of teams, and several managers, all of which can help out where they are needed. You don’t have to stress as much if someone calls in sick at one location, because you may have excess staff at another spot and are able to send one to the shorthanded store for the day.

Other Resources

Likewise, with multi-unit franchise, you will purchase supplies and equipment in larger bulk and do not have to worry as much about running out of something. You can “borrow” things from store to store as needed, and replenish stock more easily as well.

Show Me the Money

Of course, the best reason to own multi-unit franchise operations is pure and simple–profit. As you expand, you are building your clientèle, your loyal employee base, and your cash flow. All of this results in greater success, more financial strength, higher profits and happier owners!